Speed up with your work,and give football back to “football people” – Osei Assibey to NC

President of the ArmWrestling Association of Ghana Charles Osei Assibey has called on the Normalization Committee to speed up with its mandate and give football back to football people in order to help develop the game for the betterment of entirety.

According to the Veteran Sports Journalist, the Normalization Committee should have amended the already existing structures in the first six months of thier mandate but they failed to do so.

He asserted that the Normalization Committee should have rather made the necessary orientation to concerned stakeholders and continued with the old league which was ongoing before the Anas exposé rather than organizing the special competition to let the winner represent Ghana in Africa.

“The NC wasted too much time. There was ongoing league before the exposé. If they were smart leaders,they would have set aside all the bad nuts in the referees ,and should have only oriented the others,because, we are using the same referees in the competition, nothing has changed. So why did we stop the FA Cup, the respective leagues,only to play this shambolic competition to find reps for Africa,I find it worrying,” he told Angel TV’s Esther Abankwa.

Charles Osei Assibey further revealed that Kwesi Nyantekyi really advanced football in the country in his era,in terms of documentations and enormous rules and regulations which helped to develop the game.

“Look,in as much as I had my own issues with Kwesi Nyantekyi,football documentation was taken to higher level under Kwesi Nyantekyi, if you see the GFA statutes,its not an easy document. Who says Ghanaians want this kind of competition. Leaders shouldn’t think it ends there,conduct elections,review the statutes and give football back to football people, and just give them guidelines,” he added.

The Normalization Committee initial six months mandate elapsed at the end of March and their mandate has been extended till the end of September.

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