Jinja community wholesomely embraces the enticing copa 2019 football championship #Uganda

Fans seated at the western wing of the Kakindu Stadium in Jinja watching a Copa Coca Cola match (Photo: David Isabirye)

The Copa Coca Cola Football
Championship will no doubt remain a key sports event on the annual calendar in

For ages now, the tournament now
fully under the custody of the National Council of Sports (NCS) has become popular
for a genuine purpose  of providing a
plat form to expose raw talent and luring numbers for its unpredictability as
well as entertainment.

Jinja 2019 will go down in the
history books for one bold cause – the ability to attract numbers for every
match held.

Across the different fields that have
been used, spectators across the divide still borrowed time off their demanding
and busy schedules to turn up for the matches.

Fans in the stands at 2019 Copa coca cola tournament (Photo: David Isabirye)

It has not been mere attendance but
cheerful and passionate supporting of their respective schools in the box.

In close collaboration with the
football mother body in the country, Federation of Uganda Football Associations
(FUFA), this tournament which is meant for students below 20 years has grown in

It is rotated across the country so
that the different regions have the true feel of its thrills and adrenaline
stimulating ability.

The Copa Football Championship in Jinja has lured as many people as possible (Photo: David Isabirye)

Since Jinja last hosted this
tournament in 2008 following the earlier success script in 1997, the Copa
tourney once again graced the football mad Busoga region.

I could imagine gentlemen and ladies
abandoning their respective work chores to attend a football match on a working
day as early as 9 AM.

To Gerald Topher Mutyagaba, a 41 year
old social worker, the moment he learnt through Kawowo Sports that Copa was
coming home (in Jinja), he planned ahead with his bosses.

When I read on Kawowo Sports that Copa football tournament was coming to Jinja. I got an agreement with my boss to fix the time I would go for work. Later, I realized It would be difficult to balance work chores with the beautiful games, so I sought for a two week’s leave. I have enjoyed every match. It is like I am watching the FIFA World Cup. Thank you Copa Coca Cola. The football is amazing and interesting. I think I will follow the tournament to whichever venue it is taken

Gerald Topher Mutyagaba, social worker and football fan

The Northern wing at Kakindu Stadium (Photo: David Isabirye)

The 59 schools invited for the
championship were engaged first in the grueling group stages at the Jinja
College play grounds, Uganda Martyrs’ ground, St Jude, Jinja SS play fields and
at Kakindu Stadium in the heart of town.

For all the venues, fans did not disappoint under clear weather, rain or sunny conditions.

Little wonder, therefore, every match at Copa 2019 has ‘sold out’.

Fine, there conspiracies that these
matches have been price tag attached; but, it is worth noting that the time one
spends is immense and valuable.

Like Mutyagaba, many fans have been tore
been a rock and a hard place – to sacrifice work chores at 11 AM or to watch
the copa matches.

Crowd at Jinja College following a game at Copa 2019 (Photo: David Isabirye)

And, guess what? Copa was the obvious order of preference even on a day one what to sign a fat pay cheque.

With the numbers witnessed at the
2019 copa football games in Jinja, who ever doubts that football fans in Uganda
are not thirsty?

Fun enough, it is not that thirst
that will be easily quenched by an ice cold coke, but, one that necessitates
affluent football.

Fans watching at the Mighty Arena in Jinja (Photo: David Isabirye)

Luckily, Copa football has quenched
the thirsty for many football fans in Jinja and the entire Busoga region.

Games as Jinja S.S against St Julian High School – Gayaza at the round of 16, the official opening match and predictably the closing will sell out.

With the rich aforementioned
testimony, whoever doubts that football is indeed the beautiful game will
question whether his or her heart coronary artery skips a moment.

Fans have indeed coloured the 2019 Copa football championship.

Fans watch a game at JICO play ground 1 (Photo: David Isabirye)
Fans enjoy a bird’s view at the Mighty Arena, Jinja SS to watch the 2019 Copa games (Photo: David Isabirye)

Previous Winners since 1986:

  • 2018: Buddo S.S (Host: Mbarara, Mbarara High)
  • 2017: Jinja S.S (Host: Masaka, Masaka SS)
  • 2016: Kibuli SS (Host: Soroti, Teso College Aloet)
  • 2015: St Mary’s Kitende (Host: Hoima, Duhaga S.S)
  • 2014: Kibuli SS (Host: Gulu, St Joseph College, Layibi)
  • 2013: St Mary’s Kitende (Kabale, Kigezi College)
  • 2012: St Mary’s Kitende (Tororo, Rock High School)
  • 2011: St Mary’s Kitende (Arua, Mvara S.S)
  • 2010: Bishop Nankyama (Masaka, St Henry’s Kitovu)
  • 2009: Buddo S.S (Fort Portal, St Leo’s Kyegobe)
  • 2008: St Mary’s Kitende (Arua, Mvara SS) *Started as Copa Coca Cola Cup
  • 2007: St Mary’s Kitende (Host: Jinja, Jinja S.S) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 2006: St Mary’s Kitende (Host: Masindi, Kabalega SS) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 2005: Kibuli S.S (Host: Masaka, Masaka SS) *Coca Cola
  • 2004: St Mary’s Kitende (Host: Mbarara – Ntare School) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 2003: Old Kampala (Host: Lira, Lango College) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 2002: Nagalama Islamic (Host: Soroti, Teso College, Aloet) * Coca Cola Cup
  • 2001: Ngabo Academy (Host: Kabale, Kabale S.S) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 2000: Kibuli (Host: Mbale, Mbale S.S) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 1999: Old Kampala (Host: Masindi, Kabalega S.S) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 1998: Kibuli (Host: Jinja, Jinja S.S) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 1997: St Leo’s Kyegobe (Host: Mbarara, Mbarara High) *Coca Cola Cup
  • 1996: Kibuli (Host: Masaka, Masaka SS) *Started as Coca Cola Cup
  • 1995: Kibuli (Host: Mbale, Mbale SS) *NPP Cup
  • 1994: Lubiri S.S (Host: Lira, Lango College) *NPP Cup
  • 1993: Kibuli S.S (Host:  Mbarara, Ntare School) *NPP Cup
  • 1992: Kibuli SS (Host: Kampala, Kibuli SS) * UTV Cup
  • 1991: Kibuli S.S (Host: Kampala) *UTV Cup
  • 1990: Kololo S.S (Host: Kampala) *UTV Cup
  • 1989: Kibuli S.S (Host: Kampala) *UTV Cup
  • 1988: Kololo (Host: Kampala) *UTV Cup
  • 1987: Kololo S.S (Host: Kampala) *UTV Cup
  • 1986: Kololo S.S (Host: Kampala) *UTV Cup

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