Cameroon: ‘The Balance Sheet Was Positive’

Yves Clément Arroga, coach of the Intermediate Lions of Cameroon talks on the perspectives of the team ahead of upcoming challenges.

After the International friendly in Congo what balance sheet can you give?

I think globally the balance sheet was positive. We had youths who elaborated our style of play. I am talking about the match against the Democratic Republic of Congo where we won 1-0. What was important was not to win the match but to see the capacity of our youths who are capable of elaborating the model of play that we have been working on all this while. There was also the second match against the Republic of Congo. There it was also a question of seeing other youths. It was a different team and to see how they too will perform on the field. We saw some elements but there is still much to be done as well. That will enable to have more ideas for the next competition.

Which are the compartments that you think can be worked on before the next challenges?

Already we have stared preparing the match against Rwanda. Concerning weaknesses we have noticed that there are many things that we have to do at the level of the finishing and also the defence. We must look for solution at the level of the defence. The solution we know it already. Our model of play is based essentially on ball conservation, elaboration of the game in camp of the adversaries, high pressure and finishing. If we can elaborate and we can go and play high on the camp of the adversaries and if we cannot finalise I think there is a problem. So we have to finalise our action. That is the reason why we could not score. As I earlier said finishing is the compartment that we have to work more during our training session. Today we are focalising on the elaboration of the game style and working on the sides to see how far we can go before finalising.

What perspectives for the team?

The perspective is a team that is conquering, a team that has to lead the game, goes and look for the adversary in their camp and a team that must win. Globally that is it. The major objective of the Intermediate Lions is to go beyond the quarterfinal stage, play the final of the 2020 Total Africa Cup of Nations and win the trophy.

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