Tanzania: Simmering Battle Emerge At Yanga

ALL is not well at Young Africans, as one of the team’s main sponsors GSM announced that henceforth, they will only concentrate on what is contained in the contract between the two sides and not otherwise.

A letter from GSM to Yanga dated March 24th and signed by GSM’s Project Executive, Feisal Mohamed, which went viral on different social media platforms yesterday, disclosed that the former were deeply concerned with actions by some leaders of the club, who accused GSM of interfering in their roles.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the entire leadership of Yanga for the cooperation they made towards ensuring that our club restores its reputation. It should be remembered that we have tried on our part to solve some of the challenges faced by the club even though they were not included in our contract,” reads part of the letter.

It named some of the things which they (GSM) fulfilled but were aside from the signed contract between the two parties as bringing back the team’s central defender Lamine Moro, signing other players to strengthen the squad like Bernard Morrison, Haruna Niyonzima, Ditram Nchimbi and Adeyum Saleh.

“To hire and pay all expenses of the team’s Head Coach and fitness coach plus covering their accommodations and transport within the country as well as paying salaries and bonuses whenever the team won the league match from December last year.

“We also pledged 200m/-to motivate players to win their traditional derby match against Simba, which was later fulfilled plus footing all camp and hotel bills from December last year, including air tickets for players and officials of the club,” reads the letter.