Zimbabwe: No Pay-Cut for Black Rhinos Players

BLACK Rhinos will continue paying full salaries to their players although they won’t be performing their contractual duties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Other teams in the top-flight, and lower leagues, have been negotiating for wage cuts with their employees as they are not making any money.

The start of the 2020 domestic football season has been put on hold. But the army side have decided against cutting wages for both their staff.

Rhinos’ secretary-general, Edward Mutukwa, said his team feel obliged to honour contractual obligations with their employees.

“This is a disaster which has befallen the world. No-one really predicted its coming. We thought by now the 2020 season would be underway but here we are,” he said.

“We are under lockdown and the players are training at home individually.

“We have contracts with these players, they are at home with their families and they need our support. We will pay them as per our contracts with them.

“We haven’t come to a point where we need to reduce their earnings. They are already disavantaged as they won’t be receiving a lot in terms of allowances, including camping and travel, among others.

“We have to keep the players motivated. Maybe, when the worst comes to the worst, we will reconsider the position but, as of now, we will be paying the players their full salaries.”