Nigeria: Coronavirus – Organisers Adopt New Format for 2020 African Freestyle Football Championships

The novel coronavirus pandemic has led to the postponement and even outright cancellation of a lot of sporting events across the world.

However, the annual African Freestyle Football Championships will not be affected following the new format adopted by the organisers; Feet ‘N’ Tricks International.

Tagged UNLOCKED Africa 2020 championship, Valentine Ozigbo, the Chairman of Feet ‘N’ Tricks International explained to journalists during a virtual press conference on Tuesday the modalities which the 2020 African Freestyle Football Championships will take.

Mr Ozigbo revealed that the championship is going to be online and packed with prizes and surprises to “develop and nurture an art, a lifestyle, and a passion for many”.

Difficult times

While noting that the world was going through a difficult time owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr Ozigbo explained that his passion for the development of the freestyle genre of football spurred him to find a way past the pandemic in order to continue a tradition which had become his passion.

He further stated that while most other sports had shut or scaled-down, freestyle football can go on very easily in a non-contact manner to respect the physical distancing rules.

Daniel Woods, co-founder of the World Freestyle Football Association who was also part of Tuesday’s session thanked Mr Ozigbo for seeing beyond the despair and helplessness in the world to hope and opportunities using virtual means.