La Liga trains women football coaches in Nigeria in collaboration with NWFL – The Sun Nigeria #Nigeria

In its continued commitment to women’s football development,  LaLiga provided two  master class sessions for coaches of the Nigerian Women Football League. 

La Liga has further strengthened relations between both institutions with these online classes, within the existing MoU with the highest competition in the African country, the NWFL.

These sessions consist of some adapted and selected content that is part of a new comprehensive program developed by La Liga, called “La Liga Women’s Football Coaching Methodology”.

The original programme consists of a series of in-person courses organised into different levels of complexity, from the grassroots to the elite, focused on the specialties of women’s football.  In this way, La Liga has gone one step further by innovating and developing a unique training program of its kind aimed at coaches and focused on women’s football.

Training on and off the field is essential in order to lay the foundations for women’s football and, therefore, with this online methodology and these masterclass sessions, La Liga helps to increase the visibility, development, and professionalization of women’s football.

Aisha Falode, NWFL Chairperson said “The NWFL and La Liga have identified common grounds in our goals and vision for the future.

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